Mission Statement

The Pleasure Barons Scooter Club (hereafter referred to as PBSC) is a non-profit group of classic & vintage scooter enthusiasts who strive to enjoy the finer things in life. Though our first and foremost passion is the classic 20th century motor scooter, our philosophy is to create camaraderie through activities both in and out of scootering. Though we continue to explore varied interests and pursuits, our club rests upon a foundation which is the collection, riding and maintenance of classic scooters.


Membership in PBSC is open to anyone who owns, or demonstrates a strong passion for, classic and/or vintage scooters. A classic and/or vintage scooter, for the purpose of this association, shall be defined as ; a step-through, two wheeled road worthy vehicle powered by an internal combustion engine produced prior to 1985, and or a step-through, two wheeled road worthy vehicle powered by an internal combustion engine 125 cc or greater, or any manual-shifting vehicle with a direct lineage to such vehicles, examples including but not limited Bajaj, Stella, and PX 150 models based on the P series Vespa line; All Lambretta step through models including lineage models including but not limited to SIL, Lamby, Siambretta and Servetta; pre-1970 Fuji and Mistubishi step-through, two wheeled road worthy vehicles. Specifically excluded are any scooters manufactured post 1985 or having wheels greater than 12 inches in diameter, as well as any and all Japanese manufactured scooters other than Japanese bikes previously mentioned.

Voting on new Barons

Candidates who have professed a desire for membership in PBSC, and nominated for membership by a member in good standing (hereafter referred to as a Baron), will be voted upon at the soonest possible stated communication with a due quorum present. A new Baron may be elected upon a majority vote in the affirmative. A vote in the negative does not preclude candidates from requesting membership at a future time.

Duties & Obligations

Candidates agree to, and comply with the following, before becoming Barons:

  • Attend initiation ceremony, at an agreed-upon time and place
  • Pay an initiation fee equal to the actual cost of the PBSC fez

Barons shall agree to, and comply with the following, in order to retain good standing in PBSC:

  • If a Connecticut resident, attend at least one half of all regular stated communications per annum.
  • Pay any and all operating costs approved by vote at a stated communication, not to exceed $100 per annum.
  • Assist with PBSC duties and events, to an extent deemed reasonable by fellow Barons.
  • Upon resignation from PBSC, any and all club property shall be returned to, and club-related bills and accounts transferred to, PBSC, care of a Baron in good standing.


PBSC monthly stated communications (aka. Trapper Keeper Meet-ups, hereafter referred to as meetings) shall be held at any agreed-upon time and location, to be discussed on the official PBSC internet message board, and agreed upon not less than one week in advance. A quorum of no less than four Barons shall be present to conduct club business. Club decisions may be made outside of meetings, by a vote of at least four Barons, to be followed by official recognition at the meeting immediately following said decision.

Order of Business

Meetings shall commence with a toast. One Baron shall take minutes, then post them on the official PBSC internet message board.

Presentation of Receipts

All checks, drafts or other orders of the payment of money, notes or other evidences of indebtedness issued in the name of PBSC shall be presented at a meeting prior to a vote for reimbursement.

Amendment of Bylaws

These bylaws may be adjusted upon a majority vote in the affirmative to do so, by a majority of Barons present at any stated communication with a due quorum present.