About the Pleasure Barons

The Pleasure Barons are a group of classic & vintage scooter enthusiasts who strive to enjoy the finer things in life. Though our first and foremost passion is the classic 20th century motorscooter, our philosophy is to create camaraderie through activities both in and out of scootering.

Our varied interests include pipes & cigars, cocktails & mixology, vintage motorcycles, classic cars, fraternal organizations and charitable causes. We've raised hell at shooting competitions, card nights, tiki events, roller derby bouts, bowling alleys and hockey games. There's little we won't try, at least once.

Though we continue to explore these and other pursuits, our club rests upon a foundation which is the collection, riding and maintenance of classic scooters.

The Pleasure Barons are based in the greater Hartford area, and most of our activities take place in Connecticut and western Massachusetts. Several Barons and associated hooligans also reside in Rhode Island, New Jersey and Massachusetts. We communicate via message board, and hold monthly meetings at area drinking establishments of varying repute.